Christmas time is here……

It’s almost Christmas!!!!

Okay so I have to say that my son makes one of the cutes elf’s EVER!!!  Yes he wore the whole outfit to his Christmas show at school, yes he wore red tights with black converse (sporty elf, I called him!) and yes, he did manage to lose his pants that afternoon at the dress rehersal and had to wear said red tights and black converse home on the bus!
His program last week was adorable to say the least and his Music teacher, Mrs. Sadler is quite possibly up for sainthood!  She and the rest of the staff along with the students did a fantastic job.  So Cute!!!!
Now we are 10 days out from Christmas – are you ready?
More to come….
Oh and this is just a treat – a medley if you will of Drew’s favorite songs – no editing has taken place by anyone, but the performer himself!

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