The Quest is OVER!

Okay so most of you, if you know me, have heard me rant on about my ongoing plight with jeans. I have had an ongoing issue with said garment for years. Bitterness has built, foul words have been shared, tears have been shed. I am not proud. But then, like the rays of sun breaking through the stormy clouds, I found them, after a long exhaustive, emotional search, we united and joined forces to make the perfect fall outfit. I have found the perfect jean.

Okay – I couldn’t resist having a dramatic opening, and I am not normally such a “girl” about things, but here’s the deal. Last weekend I was up north for a cousins wedding, I stayed at my dad’s and Ryan stayed back with the kids. It is a rare, yet beautiful moment that I get to shop alone with kids and with my dad. See my dad has always been my shopping buddy (mostly because he had the money, but also because he genuinely has good taste and enjoys to shop right along side of me) so when we got up on Sunday and had the whole day ahead of us. We stopped off at Kohl’s to shop for the kids for Christmas (yes my dad is as bad as me when it comes to finishing his Christmas shopping months in advance). Along the way I thought I would try on some jeans because as I mentioned they are the bane of my shopping experience. Dad had come down for my birthday and we had already tried on jeans at The Loft, Express, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Black and White, JCPenny’s, Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, Boden, JCrew and countless others ( he can be a patient man when he has too). At this point dad told me I might have to hire someone to custom make my jeans because clearly the world was against me and my ample bottom. I walked into the dressing room with fourteen, yes 1-4 pairs of different jeans. I tried on the first pair, Lee Slender Secret. As a child I was really slim, so Lee was the only jeans I could find to fit, then I had kids, and well things aren’t exactly they way they used to be, ah, I digress…
I looked in the mirror and actually LIKED what I saw and liked how they fit and felt, so I tentatively walked out to get dad’s opinion, perhaps I was delusional or was in a manic state that messed around with my vision or perhaps Kohl’s installed fun mirrors by accident in their dressing room. But alas no, dad agreed, these not only fit, they fit well, no gap in the back to see my underwear, no super clingy thighs and super flared ankles, they did not drag on the floor, they were, dare I say perfect? I could hardly believe it, so I went back and tried on the same type, but in a trouser fit, lo and behold they too fit, and gave a more polished, dressy look. I proceeded to try on the other pairs of jeans, only to walk out triumphantly with the two that fit the best. I then decided that if this was a temporary phenomenon that I should consider different washes. You see since the trouser fit was very popular two years ago and I only had one really great pair and figured I could get more when I wanted to. Now that ship has apparently sailed and all you can find is matchstick jeans or ultra skinny fit jeans. That being said I felt the need to stock pile like a squirrel for winter. Oh and did I mention the best part? These jeans were all 26.99$ each! HELLO??? I mean I was looking at 150-200$ jeans just so I could expand my search – but apparently designer jeans stop at size 6 – if you are bigger – they just aren’t interested in you. Ah well, I’m not interested in them either!
So I purchased three pairs of jeans for half of what I would have been willing to buy ONE good pair of jeans. I am happy and so is my husband, because now I’ll stop bitching about jeans, for a little while! Let me rant a bit about this skinny jean phenom. Now I promise you this is not the ramblings of a thirty something that is bitter about her weight – no, I am utterly confused that huge (pardon the pun) portion of our nation is overweight, yet the most of the jeans on the market are skinny fit, or better than that, ultra skinny fit, or matchstick, um does anyone see a discrepancy here? I am happy for companies like LEE that are trying to make affordable, good looking jeans, not mom jeans, not tapered leg bad eighties and nineties jeans, but jeans that fit and look nice on a WOMAN’S body. I know I’m not perfect, but I will not be banished to a hell of school t-shirts and sweatpants – I won’t. I also have made peace with my curvy and athletic body. Would I like to be a few LBS less, sure, but I’m not going to starve myself either (that and when I get low blood sugar it gets ugly).
Okay – so there you have it, my review of my new perfect jean. I recommend if you’ve had trouble before, go give them a try. They make work for you or they may not, but they are at least worth a look!

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