Monthly Archives: November 2010

So we’ve had some changes…

There is much that is happening at the Page ranch. I’ve been neglectful, busy, and all that. Drum roll please…………………….. So the big news is that Ryan has left his job and started his own business. It’s been a long time coming, he’s had things in place for a bit now. Slowly, but surely, he’s […]

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barbie and gracie

Another post in the same week! Unheard of you say! Well as of recently yes, but I do have things to post. So here it goes. We are very fortunate to have cousins that live quite close to us and although we don’t always see them as frequently as we would like, life ebbs and […]

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long overdue.

This post is long overdue, I finally have a moment where I am alone, it’s quiet and I’m not longingly looking at my bed. Okay I am longingly looking at my bed because I worked a Colts game, but I have enough umpf to type. It is Sunday night, there is so much that has […]

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