Monthly Archives: December 2010

Our Christmas

This month is a blur – I can hardly believe tomorrow is the 30th. I’ve been terrible at updating this blog – for those that actually read it, I’m sorry. I’m going to make an A+ effort in the New Year to update more frequently. I think the fact that Ryan’s been gone so much […]

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Happy Birthday Momma! Today is mom’s 61st birthday. I miss her, it doesn’t help that her birth, the holidays and her death all coincide. It makes for meloncholy holiday. It will be three years since her passing. I’m at a point where I don’t think about her, or her being gone everyday. On one hand […]

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Roadside Bed MakeoverS

I’m not one for dumpster diving, or garage sale-ing or going to Goodwill. I have friends that are masters at such activities. I don’t have the patience to sift, or the desire to acquire more clutter. Even though I am crafty-ish and see the potential in so many things, very few actually make it through […]

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