snow day like the present

Unlike a lot of my friends I LOVE snow days. Love them, we’re a lazy bunch in the morning and while I was not blessed with sleepers – 2 of my 3 are morning people – I was blessed with self sufficient children who can fix their own breakfast and find something to do until their mother, who is not a morning person, finally gets out of bed. I wouldn’t classify myself as lazy – just tardy – I don’t motivate until after lunch generally, but what I can accomplish from 1 to 4 is nothing short of a miracle. So it all works in the end. During our hold up in our house I completed a lot of little projects that had been patiently waiting and eating away at me for months. I will warn you – this post is picture heavy, so bare with me, k?

First I recovered an ivory message board that was my moms. I found the ultra girlie pink fabric at Walmart of all places and had the ribbon and the gem stones. I stapled it all together and the gems were self adhesive, I think all told it took a half hour to do – it turned out cuter than I expected and balances out the new large Barbie painting on the other side of her window. I was tired of hearing her complain of her “small” barbie painting and went ahead and did a 16 x 20 version of it, identical to her cousins. She’s thrilled and now I don’t have to hear any more about it! Penny wanted a bit more pink and bit more sparkle in her room – I don’t want to paint and her bedding is still in beautiful condition, so we’re finding other ways to “dress up” her room.

Like removing the Dora decals and adding mirrored butterflies.

Removing her closet doors and hanging pink curtains – I’m not entirely done with these, I’m going to add some accent fabric in the form of vertical garland to make them a hair less pink. We’ve also made a hide out in Pickles closet where all her American girl dolls and furniture are located. She has one of the biggest closets in the house and it isn’t being utilized completely at this point. I remember having a friend growing up whose mom let her turn her closet into a clubhouse -it rocked. So this spring, I’m painting the closet, adding windows and shelves and it’s going to be her little hide-away. It’s fun having kids and doing the things that you always wanted to do and you don’t look like a fool because you actually have kids to do it with. Someone might question a grown woman hiding in a closet, but add a four year old and some dolls and now you’re just plain cool.

The boys got a little TLC as well -you know I’m a big fan of vinyl chalkboards, so I added one to the boys door to let them know the upcoming week’s schedule. It helps Drew especially because now he can look at the board and know when “sharing day” is or when a friend is coming to play. I bought some extra vinyl and added the confetti border to dress it up a bit. I purchased some extra and added it to our new IKEA LEGO bins – they are all labeled by type or kit and when we’re done and need to use the bin for something else, it just wipes off and a new label can be written in its place. GENIUS! Plus now theirs no question which is the people bin, versus the bioncle bin. Clean up is a breeze.

When we went to IKEA last month, the above shelf was my primary focus. This darling, pine 3.99 shelf, has saved me oodles of money. I sanded, primed and painted two of these little fellas and they do the trick they were meant to do. Note to anyone interested: I had a hard time finding these -I looked high and low and finally found them in the kitchen section – they are actually spice racks, but with a couple of wall anchors they now hold books. The boys always have library books and books they are reading at bedtime – now they’re corralled next to their bed nice and neat. No more scrambling for library books on library day or tossing them over the edge of the bed when their done, only to damage them on the landing. I am so pleased with how they turned out – and definitely as cute as their Pottery Barn Kids peer.

Next I jumped on the bandwagon of dandelions – if you’ve perused Etsy or any design blog lately you’ll see that blowing dandelions are all the rage. Not to be left in the design dust I did a collage of two 5 x 7 and two 5 x 5 canvas’ for my bathroom. My bathroom has horrid light and I decided to do them black and white so you could focus on the details not the lack luster color that my bathroom turns images into. I did them on a pale blue/white background. The dandelions are brown stemmed and light brown and off white petal stems. I’m really happy how they turned out and they definitely make me smile when I enter the room.

So I LOVE these. I bought the vases and the candle holder at IKEA last month and I knew immediately I needed to add to them. I have a friend whose sister in law is an amazing felter (not sure if that’s a word or an official title). I asked my friend to see if she’d be able to help me out – felting is a side thing so I know she takes on projects one by one. I requested five purple and red felted poms and I would stem them myself because I knew exactly what I was looking for. She agreed to help me out and here we are a week later and I LOVE my new arrangement. This is all atop the white bookcase that used to reside in the kids toy room. I removed it since our toys are dwindling and when we had a few nice days in December I painted it black to go in the living room. We have more books than we know what to do with – it was necessary to expand our storage and purchasing a bookcase wasn’t an option on our self employed budget. It’s amazing what I can do with paint! Back to the balls – I stuck them with silk flower wire and viola! my flower arrangement that will never die.¬†

Tired yet? I’m still going.

It’s no secret that I LOVE Valentine’s Day, LOVE it, mostly because I love to love and also because I love red and pink. So I saw this DIY tudorial not long ago and decided to give it a try. It wasn’t as easy as it looks and I probably will never make these again, but I am happy with the outcome and will definitely keep these in the decorating reportoire. I also made garland for the first time and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. HELLO easy! I had some glittery stiff red felt, I cut out hearts of random sizes and then sewed them together. Couldn’t be easier, couldn’t have turned out cuter. I hung this little grouping at our entry into the living room – you can also see that I recently removed our roman shades and got new thermal curtains for our living room to help with heating and cooling. So far so good. Back to V-day – I decorate for Valentine’s almost immediately after Christmas so I can enjoy it for as long as I can, because after the 14th – it’s see-ya next year.

So not everyone is into Danish design or color – I am. I love it. I would move to Sweden tomorrow if I knew I would have the money to come home a few times a year to see my dad and brother. Alas I do not, so I will channel my inner Scandinavian by surrounding myself with fun things and simple living. I purchased this lazy susan about a year ago from where else? IKEA of course. I knew I wanted to paint it, I just didn’t know how or with what. It struck me after our last trip that I love the fabrics at the store and the colors, the interesting patterns. Anyway, so I took some ideas and just did my own thing. It’s obnoxious, I know, but I love it. It makes me smile and the kids love to pick out all the little things embedded into it. They loved helping me pick out the colors for my flowers and such. I love including them in design because I want them to be individuals, individuals with good taste would be awesome, but individuals no less. There’s a lot of love here, no?

I’ve got a few more things going on. I’ve had Ryan patch all the holes and dings around the house and I am slowly repainting. Our house looks like the mafia had a show down and the house lost. I’m trying to get the house in order BEFORE the spring so I can concentrate on the outside once the weather breaks. I’ve hung some different artwork up – things the kids have made and some woodworking projects they did with Papa Page over thanksgiving. I recovered some awesome chairs Ryan and I found in an empty building in our early architecture years – they are now in the toy room, clad in cow print- I’ll update with pictures of that space soon – it’s changed a bit since our kids are getting older – it’s evolving into more of a lounge and tech center. Another day, another post I suppose. ¬†Hell I need to shut up because this is a mega post. See this is my problem – I should have pieced this blog out into many, but frankly I’m too excited not to share. One final note.

I love my children, we had a spectacular time over our snow-break. I love having them home. I didn’t leave the house for almost a week and oddly enough I was okay with that. Sure they fought and I yelled, but mostly we hung, we read, we worked. We played and we ate dinner in front of the TV. It was great and the best part is today is Friday and we get to do it all over again this weekend. I had to share this picture of Pickles – I adore my daughter. I LOVE her eyes – she’s a spitfire and lady and doll all rolled into one. She wraps her arms around my neck and tells me “we best fwends” I believe it too because we have such fun together. She loves to sneak into my bed in the wee hours and cuddle with me. I love it too. I love this picture because it captures her – right now, as she is, her little smirk, those multi-colored eyes and her crazy big hair. Well I should shut it for now – thanks for enduring this ever-so-long blog post. I know no one gets as excited as I do for these little projects -but I like to share them nonetheless. Good night and have a great weekend!



Tammi - February 5, 2011 - 6:31 am

You are amazing. I love your creativity and joy for life. It is contagious!

h. - February 5, 2011 - 6:24 pm

What a fun post. Can’t believe all that you accomplished. Heather knocked out those balls real quick too. The whole set up looks fab! xoxo

Shannon - February 5, 2011 - 6:30 pm

Annie the house looks great! I love all the pictures, it brings the story to life. You were very productive, being snowed in agrees with you.

Erni Slater - February 7, 2011 - 8:13 am

Holy mackeral, girl! Everything looks wonderful. I absolutely love how creative you are and how it all fits into the needs of your life. Such passion, such joy! Looking forward to more!

Annemarie - February 7, 2011 - 11:34 am

Wow. I love it all. I’m so impressed. I did absolutely nothing last week. I love the shelves. I almost bought those same spice racks last month, but the Detroit IKEA was sold out. They turned out great!

Janel - February 12, 2011 - 4:16 pm

You are so creative- what a wonderful talent! Everything looks great!

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