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There isn’t much in our world that costs a $1.25. Sometimes if you are lucky you can find a soda machine that is $1.25. You can get a candy bar for about that much. You can buy an apple or a head of lettuce, but you get the point. A couple of months ago I signed up to be a Compassion International blogger. They send a topic from time to time and encourage us to write about it, share it with the people who read our blogs. I love Compassion International for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I know that nearly all of my monthly donation to our sponsored child, Samuel, benefits him directly. You can learn more about Compassion by clicking on the link in the right hand column. Compassion also encourages and educates individuals on global poverty and ways you can help. There are so many orphans in this world and their ultimate goal is to keep those children with their parents and making families capable of earning income and raising the standard of living in traditionally poverty stricken areas.

One of the ways to do this is to take the $1.25 challenge. 26% of the world’s population lives on $1.25 per day or less. Personally I can’t phathom it. Now I know that standard of living costs exponentially more than that of a third world country. Still, that’s one bowl of rice or if you are lucky a small bit of meat to put in that rice. Can you imagine looking into your child’s face and telling them we have no food, mommy can’t go to the store, this is all we have? Can you imagine making the choice of whether or not to send your child to school because either you can’t afford their uniform, or you need them to fetch clean water a days journey away? Can you imagine your daughter or son working to add to the household income just to get by? Truthfully this touches me because two generations ago that was my grandparents. Greek immigrants, living in Chicago, dropping out of school to work so the family can be fed and clothed and enough coal could be purchased for the fire. This isn’t just faceless individuals thousands of miles away, this was a way of life for many here in the US less than 100 years ago. Yet here we are now, one of the wealthest nations. Sure we have all sorts of issues now with unemployment, our own poverty to deal with, so why should you care about India or Africa or Haiti? One of the biggest differences is that there are little or no social programs to assist these individuals. Families give up their children to orphanages just so they know that they will be fed. Mothers and fathers send their children to work only to find out that their children have been pulled into human trafficking. The list goes on and on.

I for one can not imagine making some of these choices and I pray I never have to – but there is a way to catch a glimpse of this world in the game Survive125. It makes you an individual living in poverty with a family – it gives you all sorts of scenarios that you have to answer. At the end of the day you find out if you “survivied” the month. It isn’t easy. Fortunately for us it’s just a game. We can click off the website and return to Pinterest at any time. Go and throw our kids laundry into the machine and turn on the oven to make dinner. We are so blessed, yet there are times we take so much for granted.

If you are so moved you can navigate to the organization that created this game, Live 58 – based on the Isiah 58 in the bible. There are lots of things you can do, pray, fast, donate, learn more, spread the word, you name it. Not everyone has the means to donate, but everyone has the means to spread the word, to encourage others to do what they can to end poverty as we know it. I’m not saying that our country’s issues aren’t important and that their aren’t people here that need food or support. There are, there most certainly are – but we DO have a fighting chance here in our country. There are so many in other places that don’t have a fighting chance where they live.

After having sponsored our child for the last year and the path that we as a family have been set upon there are a couple of organizations that might be of some interest to you if you are interested in donating. If you can’t now, you can always later. The need isn’t going away any time soon. The first is: Care for Orphans, this project is near and dear to me for obvious reasons. If I can’t bring a child home today, I can donate to those who are waiting for forever families right now. This project cares for orphans and vulnerable children in AIDS afflicted areas all over the world. The second is: Hope International- Mom to Mom. This project focuses on providing micro-loans to woman in Rwanda to start up small businesses and provide for their family. Our child Samuel lives in Rwanda, so this is especially close to my heart. I want his family and his neighbors to be able to care for themselves, to provide a good life for Samuel so he does great things. So he can help break the cycle of poverty in his country. Hope International is a wonderful organization that does amazing work all over the world.

So can YOU live on $1.25 a day? Try the game and find out, see if you can make it. I did, I made it, but it wasn’t without some major sacrifice. I may take this a step further. I may see if I can actually make it on a $1.25 a day. Planning our meals and day around that amount. I’ll certainly report on our adventure, until then and as always – thanks!


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Tiff - June 29, 2012 - 8:49 am

If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a child in Uganda, we provide monthly photos of kids with gifts and or when they get mail from sponsors. It’s only $15 a month to sponsor a child and so many still need help! They also write to their sponsor atleast 3 times a year. The $15 include 2 meals a day at school and a child’s school fees paid in full. Check us out here. http://www.auntiesangels.com

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