The days are just spinning by. I can hardly believe we’re in the middle of November. I am so excited about Thanksgiving break. It’s amazing how fast a break means something to you when you work. I know that I just work 8:30 to 4, but trust me I work for every minute I spend at school. It is amazing how fast the days go by, as if they needed help. Tomorrow is Friday, I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday.

Tomorrow is also the opening day (or at midnight tonight, rather) of Breaking Dawn part 2. I have well over a dozen ladies coming over tomorrow night to visit, eat, laugh and then on to the movies! It’s such a mixed bag of friends, I am so very excited to see all of them and have an evening of fun. Tomorrow marks the end of the insanity that has been my life for the last few weeks. It’s been a mix of fun, meetings, obligations, so much so that the kids have starting expecting me to be gone. Ugh. I am happy, happy to be finishing up with my party tomorrow night and then on to a quiet and hopefully productive weekend.


In addition to working, trying to get things ready for my shindig, and close up the garden, I had a little painting project for a friend and I am SO excited about it. Hell I know I’m always excited about it, but this is one I’ve never done before and I love how it turned out. So much so I might have to do one similar for me. I really, really love it’s look. I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I’ll share photos next week! H.Lo it will be in the mail early next week once the urethane cures! :o)


We are oh so close to having all of our paperwork done. Most of what we need for our agency is the same as what our Home Study agency needs, so we’ve just hunkered down and gotten it done. All that’s left is Ryan’s physical (next week) and the kids TB tests (next week) and then we can submit our packet to our HS agency. Then we can start HS visits. After that it’s just our passports that we’re waiting on and our final HS draft that probably won’t be complete until sometime in January. I keep waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me. This has all be too easy. This is suppose to be hard, problematic, issue-ridden, right? Perhaps I’ve just jinxed myself, but I am humbly grateful for God’s provisions. I know that we’ve taken this leap knowing He will guide and carry us through it. I keep thinking about my daughter across the ocean, where she is, what she’s doing, who she’s with. This paper-chase has been the easy part – I know there’s a lot more ahead. It’s hard to know that life will just motor on as we wait. That our daughter doesn’t know we’re praying for her or wanting her or loving her so many miles away. She can’t fathom what’s to come in her life. That a family in Noblesville, Indiana in the United States is just waiting for her. ┬áIt’s hard to celebrate holidays, birthdays and plan outings knowing one of our children isn’t here to share it with us. I continue to pray for swift process, that God will place us in the right place, at the right time and our daughter will be waiting and ready for us.

I like sharing a photo with my posts, here’s another from my lovely friend Leslie – it’s funny, I just read an article today about loving yourself so you show your children (especially daughters) how to love themselves as they grow older. Generally I’m happy with myself, but I need to work on it. I need to work on limiting the criticisms, even if they are just in my head. So I’m “embracing the camera” again this week. Maybe I’ll make it a habit. I’m off to sleep, hopefully with happy thoughts. Have a lovely weekend!




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