I am smiling right now. It’s really ticking my eldest daughter off. She just doesn’t understand why I’m so happy with her grades. Why I’m not so fired up and ready to go and argue with her teachers. She’s pissed. Seriously! This 9 weeks my darling EL student received 2 C+’s, 2 B+’s and 2 A’s. Some of her classes have modified assignments – meaning she doesn’t do as much or have to read as much or can do a poster in addition to her speech or debate to help her on topic. Her tests are modified in a way that she gets to use her translation dictionary and gets a bit more time than her peers. Assignments she works on in class with classmates to complete. She is doing really well and loves school and wants nothing less than straight A’s. She’s not crazy about reading at home with me for leisure and doesn’t understand how reading a fictional book with me is going to help her with math word problems. I’ve assured her that if she reads with me for 20 minutes a day, I can promise she’ll be reading by grade level next year. See – she’s literate in her native languages. She’s really picking up her comprehension in English. I know with consistent practice she’ll get there – but who am I? Right? Next week she tells me we’ll read (she’s a bit Scarlet O’Hara in that we like to postpone things to a future date with the hopes that mom forgets – silly girl. Mom NEVER forgets, I’m Italian.)

Middle School has rocked Jon, as has this Common Core crap and the programming that comes along with it. I’m sure many of you have seen those ridiculous math problems circulating on Facebook that make a simple problem nothing short of nuclear science. Welcome to my life. Jon is like me – show me one way how to do it, I’ll get it done and that will be that. Don’t show me four different ways to do multiplication, you will confuse me and then I will make my own method, a hybrid of all the methods and be consistently wrong every. single. time. Despite that he’s worked super hard and improved his grades and we rounded out the quarter with B’s and A’s.

Pickles and Drew are my easy ones – thank goodness. They are self directed, do their homework, study on their own, read on their own and are doing work well above their grade level. God knew I couldn’t handle four children that needed academic assistance. Praise the LORD!

It’s Spring Break! We’re excited for the time off, we’re excited about going to a warm place with a pool and we’re excited to sleep in. Ask me how excited I am in a week! To you and yours – Thanks!

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