Six Months In

I haven’t written in a while. My apologies. We’re finally at the six month mark and it feels good. Not because things are 100% new normal, but there is something to be said about this milestone. While I don’t want to wish our summer away and I certainly am not ready for winter. I am looking forward to the blessed year mark that the entire adoption community raves about. Prayerfully we’ll be raving too! It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write per se, but life has been up and down and truthfully things can go from good to bad or bad to sad or sad to good, in a blink of an eye. Once you allow someone to finally feel and you start to teach them that all these things they were never allowed to feel have names and you give them permission to cry, hurt, get mad, and admit that there are emotions going on inside. Well, it’s a little like opening Pandora’s box. We have many really good days, and we have many really exhausting ones. I won’t say they are bad, just exhausting. You see many children that come from difficult circumstances and other cultures are considered multi-age mature. You have the “I’m definitely 14 and have all shades of emotions going on.” Then there is “I’m a lot like my 9 year old brother when it comes to my sense of humor and play style.” And then there is my favorite “I am just like a toddler when it comes to not getting my way, not liking your answer and not wanting to go to bed, but could you lay down with me for 20 minutes and did you know the universe rotates around me?”  At any given moment we can jump from each of those – trying to keep up is tiring and difficult. It take A LOT of time. Time that I miss spending with my other kiddos. I think now that we’re six months in I’ve just thrown in the towel when it comes to all those darling “recommended reading lists” and just started to figure out what works for us. While I want to provide an opportunity for Miss to open up and talk, we can’t do it EVERY BLESSED NIGHT at 9:45pm. So sometimes I just have to say, we’ll talk tomorrow – luv ya!

Let’s talk good stuff shall we? The school year is winding down. The kids all continue to do well. Miss is growing in her language, she’s continuing to work hard at school and trying to keep up with her peers. Sometimes that goes well and sometimes that just plum tuckers her out. I give her big props for keeping it going and working hard. She loves school and I am grateful for that. We’re all a little sad that Middle School is over, they’ve been awesome!

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Jon has surprised me the most. Of all my kids he’s done the most growing and maturing this year. I am praying that as he turns the dreaded “teen” corner that he doesn’t lose his awesomeness. He’s such a good kid, with an amazing heart and just really gets it. He’s the fella that doesn’t want to sit with certain kids at lunch because they use foul language and doesn’t want to be associated with others in gym because they make poor choices. Oh, LORD above please keep that level head on that boys shoulders! He’s also done a 180 on organizing, being responsible and has worked through some heavy anxiety this year. I am really proud of my book loving, retro gaming, big boy.

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I’m going to lump my little two together here because frankly I think they could raise themselves. They are smart, like wicked scary smart. They are responsible. They finish their homework the day it comes home. They make their own breakfasts and lunches and get themselves ready. Truthfully they make life easy and are such a joy. Mornings are so stress free (after big brother and sis leave). We often just talk and laugh and hang out because they are so easy and capable. Oy I don’t know what I did to deserve them.

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Speaking of blessings – there is work! After a very dry, stressful winter we have been blessed with an abundance of work. BIG work, work that Ryan thrives and shines in the spotlight in. I could not be more grateful if I tried. He has worked so hard and they say if you can make it 5 years – you can make the duration, when it comes to small businesses. We’re in year 4 and fortunately it’s becoming a fruitful year. A year to replenish after our adoption and drought of work – thank you LORD for providing. A big thank you to my husband who works harder than the average bear and it’s finally starting to pay off!

 photo e33fcc69-06dc-4379-b606-e6fafe629d68_zps4acd543b.jpg

Summer is around the corner, I will soon have a freshman, seventh, fourth and second grader. Time is a flying’ folks. Time is a flyin’. It is my sincere hope to post more – we’ve had all sorts of moving around the house, little updates here and there, paintings, projects, and perhaps some more upcoming work. So check back, subscribe, what have you – but always, thanks for taking the time to read the goings on at the Page ranch.

And just because I love this picture of my baby brother with his baby girl.

 photo afbdefb2-2635-4276-8063-5f722e68fc37_zps93b1a705.jpg

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Erni - June 2, 2014 - 9:11 pm

Congrats on 6 months! Time really does fly by – it doesn’t seem like it has been that long. It is good to read how well Messeret is doing even with all of the struggles of adapting. She couldn’t be with a better family. Yea! for Ryan being so busy. He is a great person and a great handy man. Kudos to him for sticking with it – those dry spells can be tough. Here’s to keeping busy and having fun this summer!

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