Today is our district’s Homecoming. Every year, despite our district’s large size, the schools release early and the community comes out to celebrate Homecoming and the parade. Having been very involved in the homecomings of my own high school years, I love to soak in the small town feel, cheering for our student athletes, activities and clubs on floats and feet. The kids lining the streets with their bags, hoping to catch a bit of candy before dinner. Even though my homecomings were fun as a teen, we had three communities filing into my school. It takes on a very different feel than when it’s one town, one school.

I have many friends who were born and raised in Noblesville. I had one of these friends remark on how strange it was to be back for these and a little disheartening because perhaps she should be somewhere else, somewhere different. I don’t agree. I love setting our roots here, our kids roots. I love that my children will be able to attend a school district from beginning to end. I love celebrating an emerging legacy, because it’s something I don’t have. Even though I stayed at the same high school for all four years, moving in my 8th grade year always made me feel a bit of an outsider. Never quite part of any one group, never really having deep, long lasting friendships that started in the early elementary years. That isn’t to say that I don’t have some great and amazing friends from that time in my life. I do. I am so happy and a little jealous of the connections my children have, have made and will continue to make as they grow. I think about next year when Jon will most likely be on some float for either a sport or a club and it just makes my heart happy to know it will be that way for Drew and for Penny too. The opportunity that is to be a part of a lasting tradition, despite our community’s growing size. So here’s to you Millers. I hope you bring home a win for Homecoming and even if you don’t, I still love you!

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