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Seeing as this has become a quarterly blog, I will do my best to summarize our summer. In one word it was: fast. It started off strong and then just flipped onto autopilot and it was over.

Jon juggled volunteering at Conner Prairie nearly full time with football conditioning. He’s on the 8th grade football team and having a wonderful season. I am so super proud of how far my boy has come and how hard he’s worked for his spot on the line. He’s handling 8th grade, working as a volunteer and sports better than I could have expected and we are so proud of the young man he is becoming.

Drew is having his own fantastic football season, leaving a trial of smaller players behind him. He is a force to be reckoned with and it is incredible to watch my gentle giant pull off some pretty awesome plays. He’s in his last year of elementary school, which I’m not sure when it happened because I’m pretty sure he was in 2nd grade yesterday. It will be so weird to only have one kiddo left in elementary school. It will be like a break up of sorts – I’ mean you leave on good terms, but you have nothing left in common. I am fairly certain I will be heartbroken in two years.

Penny is giving Volleyball a go – she’s wanted to for a while so we decided to hand up the soccer cleats until spring and volley some balls. She’s a natural and I’m loving a chance to play again, even if it’s with mini-people. She’s doing quite well in 3rd grade, too smart for her own good, but truthfully it’s her loving heart and character that I love the most about this girl. She’s funny and witty and I know that when the boys leave us to go on to college and life she will be left and it will be a very pleasant experience. It is hard for me to believe my baby is this big.

Ryan and I are working hard together to take Page Construction to a more organized, successful level. We had some real humdinger hold ups this summer, but we were able to navigate them as gracefully as I think anyone could. I am so proud of the work he does and I love working with him. We often get from people that they couldn’t possibly work with their spouses. That they’d kill each other or fight or whatever. Truthfully, and I know I can speak for both of us, we get along great. If we could work together side by side everyday for the rest of our lives we’d be okay with that. We did in college, it’s how we met and grew as friends. Do we argue or disagree? Sure we do, but it’s never anything we can’t resolve. Working together is just something that works for us and I’m grateful we can do it.

Now to me. So as we left it I withdrew from my graduate program because at the end of April I found out that the University enrolled me in the wrong program. (WHAA – WHAA) I was in discussions this summer with the Provost of Ball State on how to resolve the matter. Ultimately, I asked for my tuition back for my second semester of classes because I really wasn’t sure how they would translate to another program, if I chose one, down the road. It was agreed upon, but in doing so I had to lose the credits for those classes that I wanted reimbursed. It was a bittersweet day watching those credits disappear and knowing all the hard work that went with them. So for now, teaching is left to subbing and volunteering, which is working out quite nicely. I volunteer twice a week in a room I worked in two years ago. It’s a special needs room and they never get volunteers. These little people have my heart and love working with them. I get to visit all of my little friends from last year, which are now big first graders. They make me feel so loved when I come to say hi. And because I don’t have enough to do my great friend Kim and I are starting a small business doing shirts, baskets and other crafty bits. We just launched a Facebook page and are doing our first holiday show in November. We’ll see where it goes, but for now we’re having a lot of fun planning and creating.

One sad note, our big ol’ fluffy girl Marcy passed away in July. We’ve been trying to just give Cyd lots of love and attention. We all miss her lumbering around and those sweet, big, brown eyes. It was a difficult decision, but watching her decline was so heartbreaking as well. We miss and love you are sweet polar bear!

We also hosted an Italian exchange student for a month mid-July through mid-August. It was a bit last minute, a bit stressful, but we got through it and I think he had a very good time. Perhaps one day we’ll get a chance to visit him and his family in Italy!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up – 

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Erni - October 18, 2015 - 1:02 pm

Thanks for the updates – quarterly is great because I can still read what is going on with a great family. Sorry about Marcy – it is hard to lose a pet, but even harder to watch them suffer. That ‘s just plain nuts what Ball State did and even nuttier that you were penalized with the lose of credits for their error. Staying involved like you are in school is wonderful – I know that you want that degree to become a teacher, but you already are – with what you are doing at the school makes you a teacher to to those children. Kudos to the kids for how well they are doing in everything they are involved in. Comes from strong parents, which you and Ryan are. Glad that Ryan’s business is still doing well and know it will get stronger with your partnership. My dad definitely would not had done as well as he did in his home building business without my mother as his partner. Hope your other partnership takes off in crafting. You are one very creative lady. Take care and look forward to reading your next blog in a few months!

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