Simple is the new craze



I’ve been talking about simplifying our lives for quite some time now – about 7 years exactly. I so wish it was a task or box to check off. Something that can be achieved in just so many steps. Unfortunately, like much of life, it is a journey, it is a constant, moving target that is elusive and difficult and organic.  Ironic, isn’t it that simple living is so difficult and complex? Just when you think you might have this whole simplicity thing down, there’s another area of life that could use some pruning, like a rose bush at the end of the summer. Just a snip here and there preparing for then next phase or season. So despite me talking about and implementing ways to simplify mine and my family’s life, we aren’t there. Not even close.

You see life isn’t stagnant. It doesn’t wait around. Neither do the Jones, or the Smiths or school or children for that matter. It creeps up on you and then before you know it your drowning. When I think about how I feel right now in this insanely busy season of our lives it feels a lot like a drill we had to practice prior to getting our lifeguard certification. You had to tread water in the deepest end of the pool with a 10 pound rubber brick above your head. I think we had to do it for one minute to start and work our way up to five minutes. Maybe it was more, maybe it was less. The goal was to build your stamina should you ever found yourself in a situation that you needed to hold someone up in deep waters. The test  was difficult and I remember holding that brick high, but my head sinking lower and lower, almost to the point of my face being submerged. That’s how I feel – needing to keep going, but desperately wanting to stop – type of panic.

I think too, as soon as you have it under some as semblance of control, that season passes and on to the next. You don’t quite realize the season has changed until after the fact and then you are always chasing to catch up or slow down. Right now it’s really hot to talk about slowing down, being present, in the moment, being intentional and enjoying where you are in this place, right now. It’s all such a beautiful notion, but really no book, blog or person is going to be able to give anyone a prescription on how to simplify your life. Really. All I know is that my quest continues. We call a time out as a family. We fulfill our current obligations, but alter the next seasons choices. We don’t worry about opportunities missed. We don’t care if boredom sets in from time to time. We unplug. We connect. We play. We hike. We fight. We watch movies. We roast marshmallows. Until the next season arrives.


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